Dedicated Server – 8 important tips for high availability solution
  1. Importance of specifications

At the present situation Dedicated Server is available with very good hardware configuration like 512 GB RAM, 4 TB HDD and Dual Octa Core Processor, etc. From the past 2 decades the internet was fast-moving.  Nowadays eCommerce and Customer Relationship Management sites are increasing. Handling suchkinds of sites is very critical. In this article I am going to explain how to get millions of hits to your website through dedicated servers.

  1. How can you choose right hardware for your server?

First thing that you need to implement for maintaining your internet portal is choosing right kind of hardware. The CPU, RAM and HDD play an important role in hardware selection. There is a little bit confusion in choosing combination of these three factors. But choosing a better combination will provide gives you the best results. Understand completely what kind of specifications you require for the hardware, select wisely by considering application size, database size and backup size.

  1. How to choose best Network?

A powerful and speedy network will give best performance when the users access the website. Network is an important consideration for page loading. When your Dedicated Server configured in poor network then the page will won’t load faster, it’s better to keep your dedicated server in premium network. And another factor for faster page loading is content loading network.

  1. Importance of running optimized application

A dedicated server with good network and well optimized application can give you enormous clicks. There are so many methods in running php, asp, and java scripting languages for running optimized applications properly. When you place optimized code it takes less time for loading page.

  1. Importance of running optimized database

It is very important to run optimized database for getting good performance to the website. The only thing that takes your Dedicated Server resources is database. If the database utilizing more resources means page loading time will be increased. So for getting better performance you need make a plan for database management before the website live.

  1. Using Scalable application layer:

Application layer should be always scalable in Dedicated Server. Using multiple application layers can manage huge hits. Hits from one application layer will go another when the application layer goes down. Other application layer can bring forward by manually or by using load balancer.

  1. Using Scalable database layer

Making database layer scalable is very difficult task; this can be achieved by proper database developer only. With the help of data base developer you can reproduce the database easily.

  1. Using Servers in Multiple Locations

We can easily manage application and database layers in multiple network locations. If one network goes down you can bring another network to up. This can be easily accomplished by using load balancer and global load balancer. Within the same network normal load balancer can be used. But global load balancer can be configured in different network locations. By using load balancer in the website can make website to stand 100% uptime.

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