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Large web-sites often need a lot of resources. Higher bandwidth is required, because the amount of content is considerably high, and so is the number of visitors. But even big enterprises can’t afford paying for overages that some web hosting companies make them pay. At the same time, they can’t afford web-site being down because their bandwidth limit was exceeded and waiting till the package resets. Doing so will mean that potential and loyal customers can turn away, which can cause serious loss of profit.

This is when Netherlands Unmetered Servers web hosting solution would stand them in good stead. Thanks to it, users of Netherlands Unmetered Servers are free to have as much bandwidth at their disposal as they need. The content and web-pages will always be available to clients which means growth of audience and higher conversion rates.

Metered vs unmetered hosting

The main challenge that companies face is not the increase of content and web-pages. It is a constantly growing number of visitors that becomes higher from month to month. The content itself does not take much space on a dedicated server, but the more people want to have it delivered, the more strain is put on servers used for web hosting.

This is why it is crucial to track traffic when using budget server hosting services. With cheap hosting, you cannot be guaranteed a high level of security, technical support and everything else, because administrators pay primary attention to simply having all your web-sites accessible. Without being sure in reliability of web hosting, you can’t be sure in success of your business.

The main difference between metered and unmetered web hosting lies not in site availability only, it is also about the quality of customer support. Netherland Unmetered  servers hosting ensures that you will always have required hardware, software, security options and support to have your web-site stay accessible all the time.

There are two common data allocation strategies for server hosting plans: those that allocate by traffic or by bandwidth, also known as metered and unmetered plans.

Metered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
You have access to 20TB of traffic on a 1Gbps connection. You have access to an unmetered amount of traffic on a 1Gbps connection. You can use as much or as little traffic as needed to accomplish your server goals.

Traffic is a measure of how much data a hosting client can use. Server hosting providers who limit data by traffic usually express this as the amount of data which can be transferred per month — 20 Terabytes per month, for example.

Bandwidth is the speed at which data can be transferred to and from a server. A server hosting provider that allocates by bandwidth might advertise accounts with 1Gbps bandwidth. That means you can transfer a maximum of 125 MB each second, but there is no limit to how much data you can transfer in a month.

Server hosting clients that could benefit from unmetered plans include:

  • Game hosts that need to support lots of concurrent games at low latencies.
  • Media businesses that stream video and audio to large audiences.
  • News media sites, blogs, and ecommerce stores with a substantial volume of daily visits.
  • Businesses that use their servers to store and distribute large amounts of data.

Decent web-hosting company like Parkinhost that offer Netherlands Unmetered Servers for their clients strive to comply with all demands and provide the highest degree of security of physical and digital resources, 99.999% reliability and high quality server hardware built with state-of-art technologies.

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